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Liquid damaged laptop

Liquid damaged laptop
We repair computers which have been damaged by liquid. We have a lot of experience with flooded electronics. We use high quality chemical preparations for clening motherboards and components.
zalany komputer laptop
Liquid damaged laptop
Laptop is a mobile computer device, we often move with it and using it everywhere. Everything is great about this, but still there is one drawback – situations when accidentally spill some water, cola , etc. on it.
When it comes to water or liquid damage, you should keep a straight mind and follow certain steps that will minimize the damage.
Step one – most important – immediately disconnect the power source.
Immediate disconnect from the power supply and battery reduces the damage of the equipment and components. Liquid on most cases does not act directly on the electronic components, damaging it causes a short-circuit current.
Step two – turn laptop upside down
Most often when somebody spills some kind of liquid it will spill on keyboard and touchpad. Immediately after the spill, turn your laptop upside down so that fluid cannot access into the machine. Usually it takes over 5 seconds to access on motherboard or other components.
A lot of person use paper towels to quickly clean and dry the keyboard of floating. By pressing with the towel it will make the liquid go deeper – this is a thing you would like to avoid.
A hairdryer is also a bad idea, because it can cause steam and humidity inside of the laptop which again can cause a short-circuit.
Warning – Do not shake the computer – It can lead to adverse spill liquid on the motherboard chips, which leads in a case of dead motherboard.
Okay, we unplugged the power and reversed the laptop, if we did it quickly enough then probably only keyboard suffered from the fluid – in this case if it was cola or some kind of sweet fluid, you will have to change the keyboard, which is not the most expensive part to change. Now the biggest problem is the liquid inside the device. Still after 24 do not power in the laptop because the liquid might got under the chips and it takes longer than few days to dry.
After completing the first two steps you should take it to service as fast as possible, because don’t give a lot of time to liquid, because it might damage system even more.
Disconnect the power and remove the battery.
Turn the laptop upside down.
Take the laptop to the service.

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