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Laptop cleaning and cooling system improvement

The problem with heat dissipation in electronic is very common problem. Manufactures have not developed ideal solution for cooling. That is where we can help, to clean your laptop and improve cooling system.

czyszczenie laptopa
Desktop computers have a way more free space in the case, so the installation of a large heatsink with a fan or perhaps a liquid cooling system is not a problem. The question starts to become complicated when it comes to laptops. Because of the every manufacturer wants to make their devices smaller, thinner, lighter and at the same time reducing the empty space inside the casing for air circulation what is needed. Of course, hardware vendors make sure it passes the standards, but time by time it become less effective.
Laptops dissipate heat from the casing using push/circular air method. This means cool air is taken from outside of the case to the inside usually under the laptop to the radiator and then usually blow out to the side.As it blows the air thru heatsink which their ribs are approximately 1mm from each other – this is the most ideal place for dust to collect. And this is usually a reason why laptops are overheating and hardware is thermal throtteling.
Symptoms that laptop does when overheating
Computer is turning itself off and on
Laptops usually have built in temperature controllers to prevent heat damaging the components. In dust case scenario the radiatior cannot push out enough heat and system understands that temperatures are getting high and to prevent them from malfunction, it cuts the power. This may seem suprising, but every computer has at least few digital thermometers. The temperature targets are preset by manufacturer to protect components and as a result it will shut down. Users who don’t know about computers will get confused.
Blue screen, poor perfomance.
Another famous result from overheat is blue screen with a error code and description, which is by the way most common thing to happen (and can be caused by other occasion). One of the reasons why blue screen appears is overheating. Components, cpu or gpu for example may overheat and wont work properly and the system will be unstable and post blue screen.
Artifacts, shredded image.
System that work on too high temperatures may cause them damage overtime and damage the connections between the motherboard and a component. Common damage with the heat is the Graphics card which can cause artifacts and shredded image. With constant high temperature, it will disconnect the graphics card chip from its solder with motherboard.
Often overheating happens, when laptops are used in bed. Actually there is nothing wrong with it aslong its not in direct contact with blanket or etc. That closes the air intake. Because laptop takes air usually bottom of the case it will act like a vacuum cleaner, sucks in dust and what so ever.
To prevent all these problems above, please take a good care of your laptop.

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