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Cosmetic laser service

We repair cosmetic lasers. This is what separate us from other service company’s. We fix really difficult cases which other company’s are not able to resolve. Cosmetic lasers typically lack of technical documents, maintenance and diagrams – if needed, we are able to create the right material on they work basis.
Each case is different, and especially for this kind of equipment we highly recomment our free and non-binding diagnosis. We admit, we are not the cheapest service on the market in this field, but we are sure that you get what you pay for. We are giving also a warranty on the equipment that we repair and its often better than the manufacturer or re-seller warranty.
Serwis - naprawa laserów kosmetycznych IPL

Serwisujemy lasery kosmetyczne. To, co odróżnia nas od innych serwisów to kompletna wiedza na temat elektroniki - dzięki czemu jesteśmy w stanie podjąć się napraw trudnych i bardzo trudnych -...

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